Thinking to Visit Peru: Lima The three times crowned and called «City of the Kings», the Lima I know

Ceviche or my tia Isi way of saying I miss you!
My mom’s way of saying «you can do it! cooking is nothing out of this world, if I can do it so are you»
Peruvian Art
1590 (2) Hand-made linguini con Papa a la Huancaina


Are you  planning a trip to Peru? Just be careful not to fall in love too much with the country. It has its hidden enchanted gems and pleasures that get tourist always coming back for more. Peru is a mix of rich cultures and diversity that is key to understand where all that richness and jet unique mixture comes from, if you are dreaming with high cliff mountains with paradise like view and Pacific Ocean beaches that holds the biggest waves in the world, if your taste is suddenly changing for explosion of flavors and textures in your mouth and make your heart palpitating for more, then you are ready to take a little bit of Peru, starting with its capital city Lima.

To begin your adventure journey you must get a travel insurance, make sure you have good enough stamina; your hearth is in good place and ready to take it. All you need is your passport and it is good advice to get cash in little denomination of American Dollars, make sure you have a funny bag or even better a hidden wrap-bag for your money, never wear jewelry not even fake ones or expensive purse, nothing that claim that you are a tourist status, wear a baseball cap and lots of sun block and at least in Lima, tried not to be alone at anytime specially at night. Before you travel make sure you know where to stay and basic Spanish will be useful, since people in Lima speak fast Spanish and it is not common to hear English on the streets. It will be easy and most likely to hear English and a mix of languages in the city of Cuzco, especially downtown square area.

There are many options to stay in Lima and all over Peru; you have hotels, hostels of all ranges and prices, depending on location and your budget. Nothing like a family room and board type of arrangement, where you could part taken with a Peruvian family and have home make meals, feel safe and sound. For that, I will advise to get to know the people you will stay first, make sure there is a level of trust and friendship. As you may know by now looking at pictures in this website, Lima could be a pretty city if you know your whereabouts; it is very picturesque alongside the beach with hill cliffs and lots of views for good photos. You could get submerge in the old colonial beauty all over downtown and surrounding areas, majestic villages called “Haciendas” with colonial taste and their magical old-wife tales, they are all over Peru or you maybe find yourself in the night time parties in Barranco with its bohemian culture and really good place for the arts. Nothing says Barranco like a good plate of “Antichuchos y Picarones from «abajo del Puente de los Suspiros” a colonial bridge surrounding by colonial houses, with a stone way to the beaches and majestic views.

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